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Treat yourself, friends or loved ones with a homemade gourmet breakfast package

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Breakfast On Demand for Any Occasion

One of the best ways to show someone how much they're loved and appreciated is sending a surprise breakfast.
Now offering Breakfast For Kids inspired by my childhood memories of my favorite movie Star Wars
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Breakfast for Kids


2 Star Wars Waffles and a fruit Smoothie

(standard 4 oz Size)

Focaccia Breakfast Sandwich
Filled with arugula, Brie cheese, turkey, apple slices and mango jelly

Breakfast Option for your pooch 🐾
Two delicious and nutritious pupcakes and a homemade peanut butter treat

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Takeout or Delivery

Saturday - Sunday

8 am - 11 am


About Breakfast On Demand

Whether you are looking for something to enjoy with friends or on your own, my breakfast packages offer a little bit of everything to make breakfast so much enjoyable.


I am introducing different or unique ethnic ingredients, that are nutritious and delicious.  As a Canadian immigrant, I value the diversity that we all are bringing to this great country.

Living during Covid times has taught me the importance of staying at home, working from home, and staying positive within our  “new” normal lives.  Sending a breakfast to someone we care about during these times is important for our mental well-being and the ones receiving a thoughtful gesture. 

Cooking At The Cottage. Cooking for friends as my relaxation therapy

Keeping it Local

Buying from local Ontario food providers (where possible) - this helps me support the community and business while getting the best ingredients on your plates.

Keeping it Green

Caring for Mother Earth is so important which is why Breakfast On Demand is environmentally conscious when packaging your special breakfast surprise.


Breakfast are packaged with compostable paper and glass, including cutlery, which is made of renewable cornstarch.

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